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  • BIOGRAPHY - Alex Jove B. 1988

    Alexander D Jove was raised in a small town in the Midwest. Since he was a child, Alex always wanted to live a life with art at the core. In 2012, he made a serious effort to make the art he always wanted. He moved to La Paz, Bolivia to train with international muralist, Gonz Jove (his father). Working with Gonz for 3 years had been an amazing and informative experience, though there was still much to learn. There has always been a strong attraction to realism for Alex. He always admired the work of the old masters and the classical painting tradition. After learning about the Art Renewal Center he also learned about Aní Art Academy. He is now an apprentice under Anthony Waichulis with a dream of finding his artistic voice through logic and discipline.

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    Alex Jove
    B. 1988
    A Fond Farewell
    Charcoal and pastel on paper
    14 x 11 inches