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Edward Hughes (1832 - 1908)
Edward Hughes
(1832 - 1908)
An English Artist Collecting Costumes in Brittany
Oil on canvas
34 x 48 inches
Signed and dated 1862
Royal Academy, London, 1862, #561
The Art Journal, 1862
Graves, Algernon, The Royal Academy of Arts, Vol.2, pg. 184
The Art Journal: ... is a circumstance of as frequent occurance as the visits of painters to that part of France, for none can quit Brittany without bringing home a store of picturesque rags. But few, however, have a chance of collecting in such state as we see our friend here - in a crowded market place, giving new clothes for old ones.

Algernon Graves: ...The much coveted treasures were obtained more easily by exchange than purchase, for they readily accepted my new things, bought at a stall in the market place, for their old ones. You would have been amused at on 'bonne femme' whose hasty toilet was abruptly cut short by a 'gendarme,' and ordered to retire for its completion "par la" pointing to a court[y]ard by, etc.

Edward Hughes was a British Victorian artist who specialized in genre scenes and portraits.  Edward lived in London and most likely received his training under the guidance of his father, the landscape artist George Hughes.

The ability to show Victorian people in very accurate, realistic, everyday scenes – whether it be at school, church, home, or abroad – was the main goal of the genre artist during this period.  Hughes, at his best, was among the finest England had to offer.

During his lifetime he exhibited a number of paintings at the Royal Academy, British Institution, Suffolk Street, and Grosvenor Gallery.

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