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William H. Yorke (1847 - 1921)
William H. Yorke
(1847 - 1921)
Lady Elibank of London
Oil on canvas
21 x 31 inches
Signed and dated 1883

William Yorke was a Liverpool ship portraitist working during the 19th and early 20th century.  The first recorded painting by Yorke is of the "Benares" and is dated 1858.  Little is known of Yorke's training, but it must be assumed that it was quite extensive as Yorke did become an accomplished and highly sought after artist.

Denys Brook-Hart, in his book British 19th Century Marine Painting pays tribute to Yorke's talent when he states that: 

[Yorke] paid great attention to his rendering of sea and sky as well as the

accurate detailing of the ship.

It was this rare ability that produced many commissions for Yorke.

Works by Yorke are in several Museum collections including the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London; Liverpool Museum; Manx Museum, Isle of Man; Mystic Seaport, Conn.; Mariners Museum, Newport News; Peabody Museum of Salem, Mass. and the San Francisco Maritime Museum.


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